Underground Garage JDM Tuner Meetup @ Akihabara, Tokyo

When I was roaming the busy streets of Akihabara yesterday, I noticed that something was different about the atmosphere there. It was filled with rough engine sounds. When I forcefully took my eyes off the maid cafés and onto the main street, I found that there was an abundance of customized cars, both driving and parked on the sides.

(scroll down for full picture gallery)


I started talking to the owner of the red Toyota 86 (aka Scion FRS or Subaru BRZ) and he told me about a tuner car meetup that was going to be held in Akihabara’s UDX underground garage in an hour or so.

I walked down to UDX, took the elevator to level B1, and suddenly found myself in an ocean of customized, stanced, lowered Japanese domestic cars.

The following album is just for visual pleasure and I don’t think it asks for any commentary. Enjoy:


2 responses to “Underground Garage JDM Tuner Meetup @ Akihabara, Tokyo

  1. These are some really good pictures! I was there that night, however didn’t know about the meet up just saw all the cool cars, do you know how often it happens? Or when it’ll happen again, I’d love to see all the cars in person.


  2. Just like you, I just saw the cool cars randomly. I talked to one of the owners and he informed me about the meeting location later that night, so I went. This is also the reason all the pictures were taken with my phone, but some editing helped I hope 🙂
    I’m not sure how often such events happen, but maybe we can find out more on the Facebook page of the organizers: https://www.facebook.com/hardcoretokyo?ref=ts&fref=ts



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