Being a Sega Saturn in Akihabara

It was a rainy Saturday in Akihabara Electric Town, Tokyo. The year is 2015.

Young 20-something-year old Sega Saturn-san walked the crowded streets to indulge in its glorious past.


“Oh, a SEGA video game arcade. Maybe I shall enter and play a round of the good ol’ ‘insert a coin’?”


Saturn-san did the “Super Sonic Racing!~”…


…handled big guns to get rid off that other zombie outbreak…


…and killed it everything at Dreamcast-kouhai’s HotD2!


He even met a friend, Herr Sega Saturn from Germany!


“I should go home. Ine-san will be worried about me.”

DSC_0027 copy

When Saturn-san went home, his memory was full of content SEGA memories…
What a great day for Saturn-san in Akihabara.


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