Grocery Shopping Across the World

When I first moved from my home in Germany to the then foreign country of Canada, there were many differences to discover. But this being real life and not just another vacation, certain routines become more important to you than the different landscape and language.

I had always been a fan of grocery shopping. And according to pop culture, a lot of men love grocery shopping and love to go out to find special deals. I get very enthusiastic when I find a “Save $0.50 each if you buy 10 or more” type of deal, which often had me ending up with a cupboard full of noodles.

Now that I moved to Japan, I found that the grocery shopping is again drastically different from Canada, and I thought that after having done extensive shopping tours in countries on three different continents, it’s time for a subjective, slightly exaggerated comparison.


Of course, this comparison is based on clichés and exaggerations of my subjective impressions in each of the three countries. However, some things must be true to a certain extent, as I remember certain angry conversations with German cashiers, increadibly sluggish cashiers at Safeway, and multitudes of musical goodbyes in Tokyos Conbinis.

This is all for today 😀


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