Explore Neo Japan – New Series, finally.

WHAT IS “Explore Neo Japan”?

Explore Neo Japan is what I named the series of videos and blog posts that will cover my experience as an exchange student in Tokyo, Japan. Now that I have finally launched this project, I will add new videos of my travel and of Tokyo on a regular basis. Some contributions will also consist of photo series and comments on things I bought, or thoughts I had. Everything will be related to Japan, or else I will not use the “Explore Neo Japan” header.


My name is Julian and I am a 25-year-old student living in Vancouver, Canada. As of March 2015, I am living in Tokyo, Japan for a 4.5 month long student exchange. 


My interests focus on collecting vintage video games, vinyl records, cars, photography, exploring the unexplored and doing the unexpected. This being said, you can expect blog posts and videos about travel in Japan, insane video game shops and arcades in Tokyo, presentations of rare collectibles and unique video footage of small places in Japan that no tourist has ever went to.


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